Adaptive Behavior Skills


This area involves age-appropriate behavior involving social, life and communication skills, and whether your child functions at, above or below the norm for their age group.


These skills are important to know in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis of a learning disability vs. intellectual disability.


Depending on age, some life skill examples include:

  • gesturing to make wants known
  • jumping off of the bottom step
  • potty training
  • feeding self with fork, spoon and knife
  • putting shoes on the correct feet
  • taking a shower without help
  • riding a bike
  • walking to the bus stop independently
  • writing a one page essay
  • handling small amounts of money
  • using a dictionary
  • having a best friend
  • obeying community rules
  • following current events
  • going to the local market independently
  • having realistic life goals
  • handling own health issues



The testing fee for Adaptive Behavior Skills varies from case to case. Learn more about diagnostic testing with Dr. Colette.

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