Autism Spectrum Testing


Autism is on a continuum, from mild to severe symptoms and classifications.


Signs on the continuum include some of the following, and is not limited to:

  • wanting to play solo rather than with others
  • lining up items such as shoes, books and toys
  • picky eater
  • delayed speech, no speech or unusual speech patterns
  • needing routines and little tolerance for change
  • unusual displays of anger
  • necessity to talk about the same topic and not joining in on conversations with others
  • little or no eye contact with others
  • lives in their own world and has little or no interest in interacting socially
  • engaging in unusual hand and finger movements and/or body movements
  • difficulty playing in an imaginative way that involves interaction of objects
  • on the computer and phone rather than meeting up with friends



The testing fee for Autism varies from case to case. Learn more about testing with Dr. Colette.

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