Psychological and Emotional Evaluation of Your Child for Diagnostic Purposes


  • Does he cry before going to school?
  • Do you wonder why she has behavioral issues at home but not at school?
  • Is food a big deal? Maybe he doesn’t want to eat regular food, or, is dieting very frequently, and possibly throwing up after eating.
  • Do you describe her as stubborn because she does not want to follow instructions?
  • Has he been potty trained, and now has stopped and needs to wear diapers?
  • Are homework assignments not being handed in; the teacher is concerned about her failing classes?
  • Have you looked up "Bipolar Disorder" and think he has these symptoms?
  • Have you looked up "Depression" and think that she has these symptoms?
  • Have you looked up "Suicidal Thoughts" and think that he has these symptoms?



If you are dealing with any of the above issues, your child would benefit from obtaining a diagnosis so that you can pursue specific treatment methods. The testing fee for a psychological and emotional evaluation varies from case to case. Learn more about diagnostic testing with Dr. Colette.

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"We have anxiety in the family... I'm worried my child has it."

“Will he just grow out of it?


Maybe this just a phase?"

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